Why difference in revenues for day is so big?

Early I am using AdMob. When I was using it I got $0.02-$0.04 for one click. For example, 80 clicks => $2.82 revenue. At now my account banned in Google Play and I cannot use AdMob in this application. I tried to work with few networks and with all it I get in ten times less. For example, RevMob: 14 clicks => $0.04644. $0.003 per click??? Also I tested MobFox, StartApp, MMedia, InMobi, AirPush with same results.

Yes, I know here is different models of monetization, like CPC or CPM. But revenue for day differ in many times.

What I am doing wrong? How to replace AdMob without such wild differences?

If you’ve tried a few different networks then its probably that your app just performs better with Admob’s set up. Some apps do better with other networks and some just don’t.