Who is bigest advertising networks in malaysia?

Hi, i’m a android developer.

I’m use Admob now. Lots of my user in Malaysia ,but the eCPM is lower than other country about 1/3 of the other earnings in the same impressions.

I’m looking for a advertising networks in Malaysia.

I found Asia ad company like Vserv.mobi or InMobi.

Could anyone recommend some advertising networks with good advertising revenue in Malaysia.

I will use the Admob mediation with other Ads.

Thanks for watching.

We have excellent ad inventory in Malaysia and we welcome you to try us. Mobile Advertising | Mobile Ad Network | App Marketing | AdIQuity

You can use our admob mediation adapter to plug us in. PM me if you need more info.

NOTIFY has a ton of good offers for those GEOS. Have you signed up for an account yet?

That is normal. Malaysia is in lower advertising volume. Maybe you can try Facebook since a lot of Malaysian use Facebook.

FaceBook is a good choose. I’m signed up now, but it will take 14 at less business day to request .

I’m curious the FaceBook’s eCPM in Malaysian. Is anyone have any experience?

Malaysia is one of my top countries for earnings for Mobilecore

The Airpush Bundle 2 SDK works world wide, and pays up to $0.05 per new user install and EULA opt in at a $50 eCPM for 3rd party markets.
If you are using Google Play, our Bundle 1 SDK has plenty of available ad inventory in Malaysia with solid CPMs and fill rates. Our new 360 ads perform 5 times better than traditional banners. Check out our new demo site at Airpush Publisher Demo

Airpush Nick

Thanks for your information.

Could u share the ecpm about the banner ad and interstitial ad.

In Malaysia,my Admob’s ePCM is like that the Interstitial ad is $1.25 and Banner ad is $0.01 in 30 days.

$3.01 past 28 days eCPM for malaysia

It’s weird that your eCPM of ADMOB’s banner for Malaysia is ridiculously low. Having been using them for almost 3 years, I’m getting between $0.3 - $0.5 eCPM for Malaysia.