Which Version

I am new to mobile app development. I have an app idea- I did some research and found out that the market share in 2014 has Android Jelly bean(4.1.x and 4.2.x) and Kitkat(4.4) leading. Should I begin with Android Jelly bean development as per this report ? Android devices distribution platform versions 2014 | Statistic
This will help me reachout to maximum no. of people with smart phones.
Tell me if I am thinking in the right direction or not…

I have worked on web apps development using perl etc. earlier… but never got into mobile side of things. How should I go about hiring developers?

Thanks in advance

Use latest build tools+latest appcombat lib and set minimum sdk as per your requirement.Recommended above above version 10(ginger bread).

Meaning you can support most of the available devices if you use appcombat.it makes your app to be backward compatible.For example you can design a app with material design and run it on a gingerbread device.

Well, I would say you are correct over here the major part is still hold by JellyBean and KitKat but I would say you can’t forget those other people running the older version of Android also I am sure that you have heard the Google has recently came up with Android Lollipop for their devices and I would say that it would be better to moved forward with all of then rather than concentrating only over single thing !

Just use Google’s support libraries (appcompat) as tyrion suggested. It will allow your app to work on old and new Android versions. For example, an app I released a while ago targets KitKat, but supports versions as low as Gingerbread. The app works fine on either version.