Which security app should I download?

I’ve looked into the following three options as being the most probable candidates for the top security apps on the market.

  1. Leo Privacy Guard
  2. AppLock
  3. Advanced Protection

Advanced Protection is a nice app but it doesn’t offer much besides app locking capabilities. If that’s all you need then this app might work but you’ll be missing out on a lot of other cool features offered by other applications.

AppLock is also pretty good. The only catch is that if you want access to all features of the app then you are required to download a premium upgrade. This costs money. We want to avoid spending money if at all possible.

Leo Privacy Guard is my personal favorite. The app is completely free and offers premium capabilities. You have the ability to lock apps, hide photos, hide contacts, hide apps, take selfies of snoopers, protect your phone from public wifi, & like a ton of more stuff. I really like the new selfie feature they added in the latest version. It programs your phone to take a selfie when it detects a potential security breech. This way you can go back to your phone later and see who was snooping. Pretty awesome I think!

i suggest that you use leo privacy guard its a great app
It Includes features as

Strong AppLock to Lock up Apps
Convenient Privacy Scan to Locate Loophole
Safe Box to Hide Private Photo & Video
WiFi Security to Secure Network Safety

Its a all in one app to protect your Phone.

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Official Website:
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Try Gallery Vault its very simple

Isn’t there trial period for these apps you can try all and then go for final decision.