Which network to go with?

Hello everyone! I am new to these forums and the android monetization. I have heard of many ad network but confused which one to go with, the ones i know are:


  • airpush
  • leadbolt
  • playheaven

which one do you people suggest is the best?Considering its easy to withdraw money + higher click/view par ad


Welcome to the forums! I hope you can find the advice you’re looking for here.

The main question is - what sort of apps are you building, and what type of ads are you looking for? The ad network(s) you use will depend greatly on these two questions.

AdMob is a good stable solution for banner advertising, and many people are getting good revenue from it. LeadBolt is not so good for banner ads, but their HTML-based app walls have worked great for me. Airpush (and the whole “push notifications” genre) is somewhat controversial, but if you’re going to use push notifications they are the most popular network still. And I’ve heard good things about their Smartwall too.

Haven’t tried Applovin or Playheaven myself. However, the other networks I would recommend is AppBrain (exit ads). I’ve had decent revenue from them, and the exit ads they produce are very easy to add on top of any app (no matter what sort of advertising you’re using).

To be honest with you I would use a couple of ad providers. Using multiple providers will ensure every impressions is generating the highest dollar amount. Why limit yourself to only the campaigns from one network when you can take advantage of multiple sources. I work for Millennial Media and would be more than happy to jump on a call/Skype to answer any questions you might have about monetization strategy. Shoot me a private message if you are interested.


thanks for the replies! Well I am making a game which probably will be released at the end of june or mid july.
My questions is that, which ads annoy the user?
If you are making a game, what type of ads will you use? Where will you place them(exit, main menu, level selection etc)?

Considering this as my first application, I want to upload it as a paid app but then again what if I don’t good amount of downloads? Is it better to upload it free with ads?

Is there any good service to market games to get high number of downloads?

I am working really hard developing the game so it will be great if i could break-even or make higher then that.


So anyone here to help me out with the questions :slight_smile: ? Thanks!

Usually, push, icon and anything outside of the app are considered intrusive/annoying. Banners/interstitials are probably next and apps walls are last since you usually require the user to click on a button to open the wall.

Ehhh …

Obviously you don’t remember the tool bar PC days do you? When you’d install and tool bar and get 50+ pop ups every few minutes…Now that was annoying. The only thing I’d change about push is the VIBRATE! Why? Because if you’re asleep at 2am and leadbolt or airpush sends out a push…Ding ding …you’re phone goes off and that is / would be pretty annoying IMO.

I wouldn’t upload it as paid only, you won’t get many downloads on android. I’ve usually upload it free with ads and paid with no ads. Add a link in the free app like “Remove Ads” that links to your paid app. You also might want to try a freemium (free with in-app purchases). You can sell all sorts of things in a game, levels, power ups etc depending on what type of game it is. If you do banner ads, don’t only show them in the menus, show them in the whole game. I’ve tried a few games that only show in the menus and they make next to nothing.

To get a low revenue, use banner ads. -> I make about 1 cent per active user per day this way.
To get a moderate revenue, use banner ads, plus interstitials between the levels. -> I make about 2.5 cents per active user per day this way.
The highest revenue from ads is from icons and push notifications, but it will make your app less popular. >> I have never tried it but i sort of understood it made 5 times what banner ads make.

I call active user someone who opens your app this day, not someone who has your app installed. So you can use these approximations, estimate your users per day count, and estimate your daily revenue.

Good luck!

Indie welcome to this forum.

Have you considered exit ads? They aren’t intrusive at all so they wont affect your reviews, and they will still generate you a nice income.

I used many networks, right now using mobilecore and the cpm is over $2 so far (made $260) and the payment is weekly.
Good luck with your app!

Could you tell us more about mobilecore. Do you work for them? :slight_smile: (you know, most people prizing one network on forums are employees of that ad network). What types of ads does it have (I’ve seen interstitials, what else?).

How good are the exit ads? Have you used them? How much on average do you make per day?

see this thread…http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/advertising-networks/1559-anyone-tried-startapp-exit-ad.html

I’m sure, Androidude is a spammer. $2 CPM is impossible

So I will be using ExitAds + leadbolt interstitial, what do you people say about leadbolt?

To market your games, there are several free ways. 1. Build your game a webpage on facebook, twitter etc…or promote it on blog if you have one with not bad traffic. You can do some activities like awarding users game coins or tools if they help you forward your game page.
2. You can upload your games on more app distribution stores:Well, there are a bunch of other android app stores there like:
Also there is another free way to boost installs, like trying 1 for 1 user exchanging with other developers using Appflood’s network which claims that they don’t charge any mediate commission fee. Maybe you can have a look though.

And about where to put ads, If you want to see higher CTR, My suggestion is just put it at a place like on top or near of a toolbar if you have one, also on the page where players tend to stay the longest time:)

Hope it helps:o

So basically, thoes websites like AppLovin, AirPush and Leadbolt is the App Promotion websites. But inorder to promote the app effectively, you need to try every channel possible. I am not familiar with the app promotion websites but I know some advertising display companies which can really increase your users and scale up your profit.

I think you can try more ad formats to pick the best one.

Our game is now using appflood’s new released ad format:icon ads, it’s fresh for most players, not so intrusive…taking small space, not bad CTR though.
AppFlood Icon Ads Released

Try more and be flexsible and wise:)