Which Game Engine?

So guys, I just starting with my android dev. journey. I wounder what game engine you would suggest me to use? I don’t care how hard is to master it. Also, if there is list which famous games use which game engine please leave it here. Also my games going to be mostly 2d, at least for start.


There are two good choices for 2d games which I can recommend (there are more engines). Both support Box2D (2D game physics)

  1. AndEngine
    + Definitely better for start. It’s relatively easy to create well organized code.
    + Many things are easy to implement without a lot of work.
    + A lot of examples (by AndEngine developer) and at least two great tutorials in the internet which help you start.
    - Performance issues. You will sweat until your game will be smooth.
    - Lack of documentation.
    - Harder to install.

  2. LibGDX
    + Easy to install.
    + You implement one code and have android, desktop, HTML5, iOS at once. Of course it will need some optymalization.
    + It’s the most popular 2d engine so community and support is big.
    + It’s being updated almost every day.
    + Much more efficient. You shouldn’t have performance issue if you implement it well.
    + Great wiki to get started and good documentation.
    - Many of tutorials but hard to find the best one.
    - Harder to learn.

LibGDX in my opinion is better but harder. Remember that if you learn AndEngine it won’t be lost time. A lot of things are similiar in both, especially Box2D. I’ve started with AndEngine and now I learn libgdx. You have to choose yourself:)

I’d agree with Mateusz about libgdx. Another good thing about libgdx is you have lower level control. So if there’s something unusual you want to do with it, it can be done. With andEngine you may have no way to do it without a plugin or something.

What are your thoughts on Unity?
I want to make games with Unity but for that i had to learn c# i know it won’t be difficult for me because i know java.

I recommend the cocos2d-x engine.

*It is an open-source engine written in C++.
*With cocos2d-x, you can build your games easily for different platforms such as Android, IOS, WinPhone etc,.
*Supports js binding and Lua script.
*APIs are very easy to learn.
*Lots of examples written by the engine team.
*Powerful tool CocoStudio which is customized for cocos2d-x

You can get more information by visiting its official website: Cocos2d-x: World?s #1 Open Source Game Development Platform

if you are new to game dev, apart for learning unity programming language which is c# or javascript, you also need to know about other aspects of game like sprites, animation etc.

Game Maker Studio, is my recommendation. Really easy to learn, and you can create pretty amazing games with it. There are tons of top indie games, made with game maker. Lots of them on steam.