Which company should I use?

Hi i have a game in google play.
My game has 2k download a day and 500 users dont delete it a day.

I put the intersitial to finish game. And I have 60k impressions a day and it comes 75 dollars a day. Ecpm is between 1-1,3 dollar

Downloads are almost from ABD.

Tell me, which company is logical in this case?

Appodeal? Appnext? Adbuddiz? Else?

Where is the majority of ur geo from?

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Almost abd

Hi reb,

Thanks for considering AdBuddiz :slight_smile:

You definitely have the potential to earn more with 60k impressions. What do you mean by ABD?

PM me your geos or send an email to [email protected], and I’ll be happy to give more information.

As good as Adbuddiz at this time.

Go with mobileCoreor avocarrotfor all types of traffic…

go with mobileCore or appodeal …

Mobilecore [emoji106]