Which can be the best network for interstitials & exit ads ONLY ? No BANNERS..!!


I have launched my new bottle shoot game.And i am looking for ad networks only for interstitials & exit ads.
Since, there is no place left for banners in game, i don’t think to implement banners.

If anyone gets idea to place banners after looking at my game.Please let me know.

Link of my game.


Try StartApp they are paying very good rates.

What CPM we should expect from startapp ?
I have tried it in my other game.
It only gave me $0.30 CPM.

Depends on placement, traffic location and your user demographic. No one can tell you what your eCPM will be.

If you place the ads in natural breaks and don’t present them too much, you have a good amount of traffic from U.S/E.U and your app is very accessible then you can expect an eCPM between $1-$3 as a ballpark figure.
If you show too many ads or your app doesn’t facilitate them well, you have traffic mainly from non U.S/EU sources and you have a niche app, then you can expect an eCPM between $0.2-$1.50 as a ballpark figure.

The things is that will apply to any network as a rough guide.

If you can a CPM of $0.30 with StartApp, then its unlikely that you’ll get much better than that with another network. Of course it is possible.

Hi Bhavin,

Congrats on your new game. If you have a lot of users from Asia, I strongly suggest you give Adiquity a try. We have excellent ad inventory for Asia and can deliver close to 100% fill rate and high eCPMs.

You can serve exit ads using Ads’N’Velope which you can integrate in less than 2 minutes without making any code changes. PM me if you need more info.

Hi bhavin,

Without a doubt, appnext has the best results in interstitials. 2 reasons for that:

  1. Interstitials is all we do. We are experts on the subject.
  2. Our ‘send by email’ function allows users to send the offer to their email to later engage with it. This increases eCPMs dramatically.

We also pay pretty fast (net 10).
If you need more details, contact me in private.

note Interstitials eCPM is different from Banners on all ad networks.

I have already sent you an email for more details about your new SDK.

thank you very much for sharing…

You are most welcome. Best way to thank me use my referral link in signature for signup. :slight_smile: best of luck.

Hey bhavin,

I would suggest you try AppGrade.com.

We specialize in Interstitial and Exit preloaded AppWalls, leading to no loading time, and by that maintaining positive user experience and delivering significantly increased conversion rates and eCPM.

Please feel free to PM me to discuss this in further detail, or contact me at-
Skype: tamar.appgrade
Mail: [email protected]

Best regards,

I am also looking for some good ad networks for intertitials currently I am using airpush as their new sdk is very buggy and fill rate is also not very good

Hey taimur97,

Give AppGrade a try.

Our sdk is highly fast and simple to integrate, and we have a global campaign coverage, so whatever your geo is - we can serve it.

PM me for more details, or contact me at -
Skype: tamar.appgrade
Mail: [email protected]

Best regards,

DO you support unity ?

We plan to offer a Unity sdk in the near future, but unfortunately we don’t support Unity at the moment.

Would love for you to register at AppGrade, so I can deliver you an update once it is available.

You can sign-up at: AppGrade.com

Best regards,


Use StartApp it is the best for me. You can see statics here http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/advertising-networks/4683-startapp-vs-appwiz-review-revenue-statics.html

Hi Bhavin,

My name is Clara and I’m one of the Account Mangers at AdBuddiz.

At AdBuddiz we specialise in premium interstitial mobile ads; clean-cut with high quality, aesthetically pleasing graphics and the generation of high revenues. We use a cost per installation payment system, and in general payment is between $1 - $3 per install of the advertised app. We are, and have always been, fully Google Play compliant.

If you’d like any further info feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected]


Has startapp problem with antivirus?