Which better 2 appl in 2 languages or 1 multilangual appl ?

My question Which better 2 appl in 2 languages or 1 multilangual appl ?

i thinks so
if do 2 appl in different languages (Russian and English) i can get more ads place. and i can post in 2 different languages. but in this case i will get less downloads
If do 1 appl with languages swith i will get more downloads but less ads place.

from other site one banner click for admob for Russia - 0.06$ for US - 0.3$

I would like to get more revenue to order other appl.

And other question this is educational game. should i publish it as game or education (from monetize point of view)?

please share you experience

regards and thanks


@said - the competition in the market is so much that every one is translating apps and so on and so forth, i however believe that you must choose a big market and focus on that, one big market is equal to several small markets, so make a good app and focus on one and then if an app does well in one market from what i have read it starts doing very well in other markets as well …

Also recently google translation is getting better so it automatically translates your app to local language …


so you suggest to make 1 appl with several labguages to be switch instead of 2 appl with diffenrent laguages?
i need to mzke more ads place

Why you need more space for ads if the App is translated to many languages?

if this will be to same appl with different name in this case will be different downloads from different countries as e result admob will show more ads in different games. :slight_smile:
as a result i wil get 2 times more clickable ads

@said - you cannot make 20 apps in different language if the app has same function and graphics, just make one good app …


Thanks for advise Rajiv

You get same downloads with 2 different languages and one app with all languages…You should always use one app with translation…if some thing have to be changed in app it’s easy with one app not with 20-30 apps…