Which are the best current banner networks for you?

Hi everyone,

I just have a very simple question for you all: Which are the best current banner networks? Which ones are producing better eCPM for you? Which has the best SDK?

In my case, MoPub and AirPush work really well, but RevMob is now giving me a very low eCPM and sometimes the banner occupies a very huge part of the screen.

I’m looking forward for your replies!


PD: I’m sure AdMob works great but I believe everybody prefers to hear opinions about other networks :wink:

You shouldn’t have omitted Admob, even if they are the most popular…

AirPush do ok, but their fill-rate is awful.

AppBrain can’t deliver a competitive eCPM any more (lack of access to real creatives for advertisers).

you must add worst list
AdIQuity well be in the top