Which adverstising network

Hello all,

I’m searching an advertising network for my “adult” app. Because of the adult category i cannot use admob and i’m searching for something else.
We have around 1.5 million downloads and 7k daily downloads.
Our users are mainly based in India as you can see in this image:

Note that “Gebruikers” = Users

Which advertising network has the best reach in those countries? And what could we earn on a daily bases?
What would you recommend?

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve seen that eomobi has Asia in there geos but are there anymore?

Try Pollfish! They don’t serve ads but surveys and they pay a minimum of $0.3 per completed surveys. You can also incentivize to increase conversion rates.

Could be an option but some ads will be nice also. Millenial media seems like a kind of admob maybe thats a good choice?

India’s biggest network is tyroo and inmobi, as I know. Also, You can have a try of Mobvista, there are many campaigns in IN by Mobvista