Which ad platforms/networks to choose?

Hi guys,

I am developing my first app (a game) and want to earn revenue from ads. Do you have any advice on which to choose? I was thinking of the AdMob standard banners that you see in Flappy Bird, but obviously these take up screen space in-game and supposedly the eCPMs are very low…

Is it possible to build in functionality so i can display ads from multiple networks? AppFlood, Admob etc to maximise my fill rate & revenue.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


Hi Duff,
first of all - yes. As repeated many times in this forum - you should start working with 2-3 networks at the same time. Test them and find out which network works best for you. it’s definitely possible, and I would bet at least 50% are working with 2 netowroks at all times. Just integrate their SDK.
If I may suggest another thing, it would be to be very careful with the ads, at least in the beggining. first generate enoough users to monetize - that’s more important. I would start with interstitials at specific places, not more than 1-2 times per sessions per user. I’d also avoud banners for the beginning. But that’s just my humble opinion.
If you are interested in good interstitials - we have them at appnext, with our own unique ‘send by email’ function. But admob, startapp and other networks are also doing well.

Good luck!

Thanks Jonathan, very helpful and I will build in support for numerous networks then as you advise