Which ad network?


I am quite new with android apps development.
I find myself a bit lost when it comes to ad network selection.
Understand that there are different types of ad units available.

  1. Entry or exit show interstitial ad.
  2. More Apps button to link to app wall.
  3. Video ad in between levels.
  4. Banner ad at the bottom of the app screen.

Which ad network would you recommend for the above ad units?
Your guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Admob seem to load interstitials quickly and thus are good for the Launch Interstitial.
You might get good results with StartApp for Launch too with their Splash Ad (see my referral link below if you want a bonus with them).

In my experience mobileCore do great with a ‘More Apps’ button, but using their interstitial ad unit and not their direct-to-market ad unit. (Again I have a referral link below for a bonus with mobileCore).
You will probably see good results with StartApp and AppNext for a ‘More Apps’ button too, but mobileCore does the best for me.

I don’t use video ads currently, but I hear Vungle are one of the best video ad networks. Admob run video ads too now, but it doesn’t seem to be something that you can control.

Admob will most likely satisfy your banner ad needs. If you have a large amount of traffic you might consider mediating some of that traffic to other networks like StartApp and TapIt for example, to squeeze some extra revenue out of the traffic or just to split your revenues across different baskets (don’t put all your eggs in one basket).

Feel free to ask any questions you can think of about these networks.

I´m testing startapp these days with banner, splash and intertial. But my ecpm is 0, I dont know why. The support didnt fix that, someone with the same problem?

You should mix up a couple of networks e.g.

Admob for banners

Chartboost for More Games

Startapp for enter/exit ads

Vungle for video ads

but remember video ads are too intrusive. Do put some limit on their appearance.

I think rewarding players with in game currency for watching video ads is still allowed on Android ? That would be one way of doing it.


Thank you for the advices.
Just a bit curious, how much do you earn from ad network?
Is it possible to earn US$50 per day?

Thank you.

It depends what are you presenting to users.

If game/app is hit, you can even make $200 in a day, else $1-2

from android you can make even $1000 per day.

it needs lots of hard work,dedication and market analysis.

every app/game has different user base,different working monetization and different revenue.

You got to stick your bum with gum-glue on the chair and work hard to get $50.

its very much possible.

I was making $24 average per day in very beginning. but then by the grace of admob i started making $7-8 very soon.

admob is not much happy with me these days,because i started making $20 per day again.


Is there any admob alternative for banner ads?
What other ad network perform well other than admob?
Cos i heard a number of developers with their account disabled by admob
and lost the revenue in their account.

Thank you.

Admob is best for those who follow their policies.
If you follow their policies, you will not get banned. yes, there are few exceptions like other networks as well to face ban.

But they pay on time and give very best rate for banners. so there is not best alternative for admob-banners.

Yes, their are plenty who give good alternatives for full screen ads.