Which Ad network to use for multi-platform game release

Hi. I’m getting close to finishing my multiplatform game and have started looking into advertising networks to put full screen ads in my game. I’m going to release for Amazon first, then Google Play, then iOS. And I’m using Unity.

I’m pretty new to the ads thing so I’m looking for advice. I’d curious to hear from some other developers with multiplatform games about the advertiser(s) they’re using and why they picked them.

I’m hoping there’s just one ad network I can install that will work across all three platforms. I’m particularly concerned about what to do about Amazon - they don’t seem to get much attention from the different ad company websites.


Maybe you can look into Chartboost, it support Play, iOS and Amazon.

I installed the Chartboost demo today and I like what I’m seeing - ads look nice and no crashes on a Kindle Fire 1st gen. The Amazon Mobile Ads demo I installed on the KF1 had a crash, which is pushing me away from using them.

If I used only Chartboost and no other ad networks, would I be missing out on much?

The answer to that question is ‘yes’.

It’s not because of Chartboost, but simply because any network can have a different set of advertisers, ad formats and SDK/API that might fit your game better. I don’t know if you have enough time on your plate to do this, but if you do - I suggest you implement 2-3 networks (Chartboost can definitely be one of them) and run them together in the same spot (givingt each of them the same amount of impressions - 50/50 or 33/33/33). Then measure their performance by revenues.

Another reason is that even if a certain network is doing well for you - every network has highs and lows, so usng a scond r third revenue source might minimize the ‘lows’ (but also the ‘highs’).

Last reason is the most important - You can never know what will happen tomorrow. Chartboost and Appnext are extremly stable in terms of revenue, and so are some of the others, but you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. We’ve seen our share of networks here that vanished suddenly, leaving developers unpaid. So - diversify and minimize your risks.

My 2 cents :slight_smile:

Hello @djfrail. You can give a try at Pollfish! We do have an SDK both for Android and iOS and also our Android Universal SDK supports Amazon devices. :slight_smile: Please let me know if you need any help during integration or you would like more info.

Thanks for the replies. So if I wanted to implement 2 ad networks in my game, it seems I can either do that myself in code or use a mediation service like HeyZap or MoPub.

Does anybody know of a tutorial or guide talking about how to implement more than one ad network?

Also - does anyone have anything to say about using a mediation service on a Kindle Fire? I’ve tested a few on my Kindle Fire 1st gen - Aerserv and HeyZap video ads crashed the device. In theory, these services seem great, but potential for an ad service to crash my game is a total deal breaker.


Hi Djfrail,

To jump on the bandwagon here, at Airpush we have SDKs available for Android and iOS, and native plugins available for Unity 3d, to make integration quick and easy. The same Android app can be used on Amazon and any other 3rd party market as well. For Android, we have our 360 abstract banners and smart wall. For iOS and mobile web, we have our 360 banners available. Check out our demo site for our 360 abstract banners and smart wall ad units - Airpush Publisher Demo

Here is the integration document for Unity 3d for our Google Play compliant Bundle 1 SDK - Unity3D plugin for Bundle SDK 1.0 - manage.airpush.com/docs

Shoot me a PM to chat further.