which ad network for webpage?

is there anything better (high eCPM, high fill rate) than Google AdSense?

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Probably Leadbolt.

If the site is a mobile site or WAP, we (Tapit) can serve any of our ad units to it.
If it is not a mobile site, we can serve ads to mobile devices that access it.
For more information, read the description under UNI Ads (2nd down): http://tapit.com/publishers/available-ad-types

Feel free to sign up at Tapit.com and a dedicated account representative will be more than happy to assist you in figuring out how to implement our SDK.

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it’s Wordpress page with theme optimised for mobile browsers;
this UNI Ads looks interesting but ads are visible only on mobile?

Correct. UNI Ads, as are the rest of our ads, are for mobile only.
We specialize in mobile traffic.
In other words, these ads will not display if someone is viewing the site from a desktop or laptop.

Bellow are some resources on Ad Integration for Wordpress sites.

UNI Ads for Non-Mobile Optimized

UNI Ad for Mobile-Optimized: WP Touch

Banner for Mobile Optimized site

How do you optimize your site?
WP Touch or Minify?

Attached is a screenshot of what the UNI Ad looks like on the iPhone:

It looks very similar to a Banner Ad, however, it moves with the screen as it scrolls.

Screen shot 2012-09-12 at 9.48.40 AM.png