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Which ad network for Facebook-like app?

I’m working on an app that looks a lot like FB, with timeline, status…

Do you know any network that can display nice ads in a listview like in the mobile FB app?

Avocarrot can do that easily (a LOT easier than most other Native ads networks).
But lately they have some fillrate problems. Anyway in case you need an easy to implement solution you could give them a try.

Wow thanks tacchan, I’ve implemented their SDK, only in debug mode for now but that was sooooooooo easy. You saved me a lot of time !

I hope you used my refer link ahaha

You can check Propellerads media…

Yes but I’m at mid stage development so I’m gonna stay in debug mode for a while.

Hmmm not sure it’s what I’m looking for.

It’s not even close to what you are looking for.
He has been posting that useless suggestion in many threads…

What you want to implement is called “native ads”

I know that Admob & Facebook Audience Network have them:

Thanks androiddev, the facebook design looks nice ! I’ve seen in another thread that Appodeal was going to implement native ads too. For now I’m gonna stay with Avocarrot and will keep looking forward for the best network. At least I’ve learned what a “native ad” is, I’m such a noob lol.