Which ad-network do you recomend me?

I have an app with about 900 installations every day (Mexico 33%, USA 10%, Chile 16%…). I have used StartApp and the result has been so bad (1$ per day) and Mobfox with a better result but so low also (2$ per day).
Which ad-network do you recommend me to get a reasonable revenue?

Hi Avarana,

I would recommend using appnext, but in order to understand your traffic better, please let us know what types of ads you are using. Banner? Interstitial? and what are the eCPMs?

In the case of StartApp I am using banners and interstitial and the eCPM is near to 0. And in the other case i was using banners and the eCPM is about 0,10… What do you offer in appnext?

I offer you to try our inrerstitials. We do have quite a unique interstitial that allows the user to send the offer to his email, thus creating much better eCPMs, in every country.
I don’t want to do too much self promotion here… Search appnext in the forum to see what other developers think of us.

Contact me in private for more details, if needed.

It’s hard to tell. It depends on few factors: country of users, your payment model wanted, type of ads. I reommend startapp - this is my referral link. If you register with it you will get bonus. Also you may try Airpush:) Best regards

Is this a joke? OP clearly says StartApp is $hit and you promote your link!

I agree with OP, StartApp is really really bad!

An important thing is that my app is not a game…

Not a problem

Maybe it is too early to say, as I just started using appnext, until now everything seems good. But they don’t have banner, you have to find one more network for a banner

Hey Avarana,

I would suggest you try AppGrade.

We offer preloaded Interstitial AppWalls, leading to no loading time and therefore to higher conversion rates.

On top of that, we currently run multiple campaigns targeting your geos, so I believe there could be a great fit between us.

You can open an AppGrade account here - AppGrade.com

Would be happy to discuss this in further detail at:
Skype: tamar.appgrade
Mail: [email protected]

Best regards,

appoptim I am earning $100+ per day with 5k downloads per day from my apps using this network. :slight_smile:

Hello @avarana. With that amount of installations per day I think you should try Pollfish (http://www.pollfish.com)). Pollfish provides an alternative solution to monetization problem,by delivering surveys instead of ads. It can also be used with other monetization platforms since it offers minimal intrusion, just to boost your revenue!