Where do I start

Hello all,

I am new to android development although I have a good programming background in C++. I have learnt java and made some beginner level android apps by following tutorials.

I was reading about unity3d and other such platforms. I wanted to ask where should I start? Should I stick to android sdk with eclipse etc or learn to program in unity3d and then start.

Any advice will be welcome. I do know that once I make one app on my own, I will become comfortable with it. I just need to know I am headed in the correct direction.


Well, yes for the time the better option would be sticking yourself over to the Android SDK with Eclipse and later on when you got the correct direction then can try switching to something which you like !

If you good at C++, choose cocos2d-x and learn to make game.

Thanks guys. I am working with android sdk and eclipse at the moment, now I am also going to look into cocos2d-x, thanks for the suggestion.

For game, you may also look into libgdx.