When will I get paid for 3 months earnings?

Hi all. I just have a quick question that haunts me every day. I make my first app on December 1st, 2013 and till today I was making some actual money with it. But there is a problem: my account was on hold because I haven’t applied my address in the AdMob settings. I did this this month (February 3rd or something). Obviously, I didn’t received any payments as long as my account was on hold. But now I did applied my address and my account is no longer on hold. So the question is: when and how will I receive my money from AdMob to my bank account? I know the schedule of AdMob that normally I would receive the money at the end of the month, but how will I receive the money in this situation, when my account was on hold while I was making money through ads? Thank you for any responses, appreciate :slight_smile:

what country are you in?

In Lithuania

my guess will be next month (march ) you will get payment for Dec and Jan earings

Thank you for reply but now I logged in to my AdMob account and in the Payment Details I saw this: " Automatic payment in progress:… ". So it means that the money is being transfered to my bank account? And it shows the money I get in December and January (if it’s actualy transfering).

seems like you might get lucky and get it this month then;) why don’t you try some other networks that pay a bit faster? admob takes too long

If you’re on the new Admob platform like @username1 is, then its typically net22-23 (officially net30). That’s not that bad, especially when you consider how Admob is competitive and consistent and 95% fill-rate in most countries.
Its a very good deal overall.

I now waiting for 3 days with this Description in my Transaction History page: " Automatic payment in progress: Bank account … ". How much time does it take to complete the transaction to my Bank Account?