When is the best time to show fullscreen ads?

When the user opens the app?
When the user exits the app?
In the middle?

If I display it in the beginning it might fool the user into Accidentally clicking something. But the downside is an angry user.

If I display it at the end, the user might just keep pressing the back button to exit whatever screen they’re on because they just want to exit the app nothing else.

Has anyone experimented with this? What worked best for you and why?

In my apps, launch always works best. (User generally isn’t yet engrossed in the app and is more open to ads)
Exit works ok, but like you said, users generally want to just leave the app once they’re done using it.

In my games I run between large gaps of levels (depending on level length), sometimes on Game Over and also upon exit. I generally include a “more games” button on the main menu that links to app/game walls.
This combination on games brings great revenue and most users are happy.

From what we’re seeing in Appnext system-wide, the most efficient and highest ecpm placement would be - app launch as @A1ka1inE mentions. It may get to few times higher than between-actions interstitial and better than exit ad.

@dav800 It really just depends on what type of app you have. I play a lot of mobile games made by the biggest gaming companies (EA games, Zynga, etc) and what I’m seeing with full screen ads is that they like to put the ads between levels or if a player fails at a level. I’ve also seen full screen ads upon startup but I’m not really familiar with the ads upon closing. This is more of the norm/traditional way of serving full screen ad units.

I think this really all depends on what type of app you have. For instance a finance app and music app would work so much differently. Can you give us a little more insight or perhaps a download link to your app?

Maybe let’s talk numbers: my CTR is 5,49% (excluding banners) and I show interstitials sometime after app starts going with idea in mind that user wants to use the app that he downloaded first and not to download next before using actual one.

What’s Your numbers?