"When DOTA mix with Impossible Math?"


About App

Want to get DOTA Sound Effect on your phone? Now you can with this NEW Math Game with loud DOTA streak Sound Effect such as FIRST BLOOD, Triple Kill, HOLY SHIT.

Impossible Math is an EXTREME FAST ACTION Maths game for GENIUS and people who think they are SMART.

Note that this is a HIGH GENIUS DIFFICULTY game, mainly for smart people and adult player (UNLESS you think your kids is smart enough too take up this challenge, if your kids can win the game, then he/she is probably a genius)

Challenge your Friends and see who is the SMARTEST, on average people score less than 10, only few smarter people can reach GODLIKE Streak.

Unique DOTA Streak System and LOUD “Funny” Sound Effect: First Blood, Double Kill, Triple…Monster Kill…GODLIKE…

This is the HARDEST GAME EVER because:

  1. Impossible algorithm in generating dynamic random Math Question in the most Difficult system (formulated by expert)
  2. DOTA Streak System with “Chain Effect” to add intense to the game.
  3. Simple Maths questions at an EXTREME speed, only smart and fast people can challenge this.