When ASO will affect?

Hello guys,

From your experience, how long does it take for ASO changes to be effected,
Suppose I change my description and add some keywords that I want to test, I know that the changes aren’t real time and it takes time to update, I also know that if you change/add some keyword it takes couple of days for your app to catch this keyword.

I’m not asking how long it takes for descprition to be updated, I ask how long does it take for me to test if my new keywords are good or bad.
For example should I wait a whole week and see if I have download increase/decrease ? or can I see the effect in the next day.

  • Also, I’m not talking about changing the title, I talk about changing the app description only.

Thank you guys!

usually next day, you’ll start seeing some movements.

ASO is not just description ,keywords etc .
ASO is much more than that.
It usually takes 2 months of proper daily aso to reach the top ranks.
The effect of changing description etc is amost neglidible.

I believe Google Play indexes are updated daily based on the previous day stats , so allow max 48 hours days to check the effect