whats the average eCPM

hey guys ,

i’m using startapp for my app and im seeing an ecpm of $0.10, is it competitive ? What should i be expecting?

Nope. That’s terrible.

Is that for interstitials? The best networks should be giving you at least $2, if not more.

For banners, you can’t get as much, but $0.10 is still pretty bad. I was getting around $0.40 from Airpush before their SDK just broke apart. The released a new one recently though, so might be worth to try their banners.

Hi protonsavy,

That’s not great performance to say the least, but very hard to know what is causing this low number without more details. if you can email me [email protected] we could take a closer look.

Lockdown - I think that saying that " The best networks should be giving you at least $2, if not more." without knowing anything about the app, users and placement of the banner is setting extremely high expectations that might not be met. There are SO many factors that come into play when calculating eCPM. And no app is like the other…

It’s all relative to your app and it’s users. If all your users are outside of US and EU, then your ECPM is gonna be low no matter what.
With that said it shouldn’t be THAT low. Maybe get hold of their support?

You are correct, there are a lot of things that could be causing the low eCPM, many of which are due to developer mistakes. I did not intend to specifically attack StartApp, but I’ll admit I did give the thread starter the benefit of the doubt in regards to ad implementation and traffic sources.

Thanks everyone guys,

I have indeed implemented banner ads, one in the start and one in ending screen, I’ve used admob and I’m used to a 0.2-0.3 ecpm, and this was my first out of admob experience…
@startapp I’ll mail u guys up and get things sorted out

I’ll also try mediation to improve my chances…