What to do if some BASTARD has published your app as duplicate in store

Hello, What to do if some Bastard has published your app as duplicate in store.
He/She has just replaced the ads units. But entire UI/Size/Version is the same.
He has published duplicate version of others apps too.
Even some secret passwords which shows the info of real developer is the same.

How to handle this?
I know i will take it to high level. But before that i want to know if something similar has happened to you guys and how you handled it?

Try to send appeal or DMCA to Google


report dmca

I have filed DMCA with all the details.

Does it really help and Google revert back on this? Or its just a process with least hope?

You have to wait 1-2 weeks :frowning: I made it and they deleted app with my graphics

Thats great. Thanks for this help.

Can i file DMCA request for others work. I mean i do not own that, But i know its probable duplicate of another.

No, you have to be owner

Is it OK to post the logs of my app to some website via FTP pragmatically.
Want to analyse the specific behaviour of my app. I mean it will be without user’s knowledge.

Is it allowed or against Google policy?

Can be agains, use flurry analytics, free, don’t need server and you can make events

I use Google and Flurry analytics.

But i want to analyse specific thing and post it on my website without the knowledge user.

Is it allowed to push something from user device without his knowledge. Though its about my app only.

Google have some specific policy for this OR i can proceed with this?

Really depends on what data you want to upload. If its simple usage logs, its fine. If you want to steal user data (like contacts etc) with out user explicitly authorizing, you will be in trouble.

Report dmca
It might help

No, Nothing outside the app.

Its similar to verification of password and login of user id.
If user and password does not match despite of 3 attempts, I will extract few info of my app shared preference info and post it as logs on my website via FTP.

is that allowed?