What the Hell Happened to my Appwiz account???

Hi guys,

I’m new here although I read this forum alot. I just joined to ask you-the-experts what happened to my Appwiz account.

I started to use Appwiz last month and everything seems so good. My app got more than 1,000 downloads/day and I earned $12-$13/day with Appwiz. Here the report:

Aug 12: Installs: 1,116 Earnings: $12.64
Aug 13: Installs: 1,114 Earnings: $12.58
Aug 14: Installs: 1,139 Earnings: $13.27
Aug 15: Installs: 1,144 Earnings: $13.45
Aug 16: Installs: 1,195 Earnings: $8.09
Aug 17: Installs: 377 Earnings: $1.93
Aug 18: Installs: 327 Earnings: $2.00
Aug 19: Installs: 334 Earnings: $1.90

Aug 24: Installs: 211 Earnings: $1.10
Aug 25: Installs: 196 Earnings: $1.12

You can see, my earning significantly dropped down because the installs only around 100-300/day which is impossible. I didn’t update/change anything and my app still got more than 1,000 downloads/day. I don’t know it just happen to me or anybody else. Please share your stats. Thank you so much.

PS: I didn’t contact Appwiz yet because they’re busy to solve Google’s new “shit” Policy.

Hey Alexander:
How are you?
Pls e mail me your account name and e mail address that linked to your Appwiz account and I will take a look right away! [email protected]

Pls note that since Aug 15th- (we have e mailed all of our developers) we have update new rates under Icon Ads (Search installs).

Rates on console will always display generic rates-
Partial Integration:

Search Icon Monetization only:
USA $0.05
Rest of World $0.005

Full Integration:

Display Monetization:
If you are fully integrated with 360 Appwiz’s SDK (In App Ads- all 3 Ads unit) rates are:

USA $0.075
UK $0.025
ROW $0.01

If you are using 360 SDK- Full integration, you will get an individual calculation sheet of your total revenues close to payment date, per the integration route you chose to work with.


Thanks Anni,

I just sent PM to you.

me toooo… and i stop usint them. they are !!

Everything is fine on my end :slight_smile: it must be an account issue

did you manage to figure out the problem?

I PM my account email to Anni but he didn’t reply yet.

She doesn´t probably monitor this forum on a daily basis, just send her an email to [email protected] or add her to your skype: anni-appwiz, she is really helpful and until now solved all my problems!

Hey Alexandre,
Sorry for the delay here, but we are working 24/7 to be able to release TODAY new Version of Appwiz SDK that is 100% compliant with new Google Ad Policy, so this is why I didn’t have the time to reply yet.

So I am 100% dedicated to updating new SDK version now, and will be answering directly to you shortly within the next 2-3 days.

Hope you can hang in there till then,


Thank you Steve!