What services should an animated animation company provide?

For any animation company it is important to have an extensive knowledge about the recent trends of videos for marketing. Being an illusion of motion, animation is said to be one of the most powerful mediums for conveying a message and creating an impression on the customers. Over a decade, 3D animation service have been provided by many animation studios and companies. It is not just about providing a rapid trail of still images, but a complex though-binding process of bringing ideas to action.
There are many animation trends that an animation company should be aware of. Whether it is about animating logos or icons, an animated company should be able to represent the employer business and help them to create a business niche. It should have a representable format to meet all your needs. It should have a team of animators skilled enough to produce and direct a feature film for the clients. Apart from just 3D video animation service an animation company should have all the video making expertise including white-board animations, 2D animations and various info graphics. They should be clear about their working process and should be knowledgeable about the recent technologies used by the designing industry. Share your thoughts under the thread below.