What revenues should I expect ONLY from out-of-app ads

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This is my first post - posting since I couldnt find a related thread on the forums.

Let’s say that I have an Android app that isn’t used that much, but people still keep it on their device (for example an alarm clock or a weather app - which people use like 30 seconds a day).

Since the app won’t get too many impressions, my main source of income will have to be from out-of-app ads like push ads and icon ads (anything else that I’m not aware of?).

How much can I expected to make per-install-per-month on Airpush/Leadbold only from those type of ads?


OK I decided to do some math… would appreciate if you let me know if I got it right:

Assuming that a user has my app installed with only push ads:
pushes per day: 2
eCPM: $2 (??)
earning per day: pushes per day X (ecpm/1000) = $0.004

==> Earnings per month per active install = $0.12

Did I get it right?

It’s just not something you can generalize @idanj. There are so many factors at play like geos, active advertiser campaigns or fluctuation of ads spending throughout the year for example.

You will generate more revenue for each extra type of ad unit you implement, that’s for sure.

You could try StartApp if you haven’t already. They give you $0.055 per U.S install and $0.01 per install from any other geo. There’s a referral link in my signature.

I would follow A1ka1inE advice startapp + push adds + if possible others like startapp

Making money with apps is no more a thing where you need to give in much of work. I have come across site named appsnetwork .co , there apps make money for us . The GPT apps section is quite a phenomenal one , it can be assumed thta they have some of the best adnetwork chains from where the apps can make in money .

Depends on how many users you have…many networks that provide out of app ad units will allow you to set a frequency cap. I personally use Airpush’s push and icon. Currently seeing CPM at $2.11 for push and $1.92 for icon. Most my traffic is from Tier 1 countries and i set 2 ads/day. I like the new updates Airpush came out with their push notifications such as the big pic notifications, Looks a lot better than Leadbolt’s old and dated push ads.

Lets not hype networks for our referal fee. You gave the best possible scenario.
“A returning user (with the StartApp SDK on his device) will grant you $0.01 each from the US and $0.005 for all other countries for both full and partial integration.”

These networks are around for a while for a US user it is almost impossible to make 0.02 per install if you have decent sized install. And out side US it is will be less than $0.007.

Beware of people promoting these spam networks. These people are mostly doing it for Referral revenue they get.

Usually out of app ads have more cpm then in-app banners/interstitial. As mentioned above, you can expect anything above $1 as ecpm

Thanks for all the replies guys!

Beware of @billyh . He is extremely predigest against out-of-app ads and jumps at any opportunity to voice his hateful opinion of people who use these networks, which is most people on this forum.

please explain i need to know more