What push network u would recommend?

Hi Dear Colleagues,

Im looking for a push network, which will not give to users a virus alert. For example, those who have airpush in their apps/games, usually if users have antivirus in their phones, they will get a virus alert, which is a very bad. So, is there any push ad network, which is reliable and is not detected as a virus.


Best bet would probably be to build your own. Use AppBrain Remote Settings to handle the server-side storage of the notification data. Use this code to download and cache any images. Shouldn’t be too hard to build, and because it’s your own code the antivirus apps aren’t going to know anything about it.

I think ultimately any big-name push notifications network is going to be blacklisted by the antivirus companies. That’s just a decision they seem to have made.

And how am I going to make money on that then? If I do have my own push system…

I don’t think Appbucks have been flagged yet. Also there’s Appflood.

Use it for cross-promotion, or sign up for a mobile affiliate network directly. Most push ads that I’ve seen are simply mobile PIN verification offers (like “You’ve won an iPad!”). You can probably get more money just by signing up to these “mobile web” ad networks directly, so long as they allow traffic from Android apps.