What is your PC Specs ?

So I looked around, and it’s amazing that no one has done it yet ! A: unless it was buried deep in old threads and I just missed it XD anyway here are my XD’s

Processor: I7-8700K
Housing: NZXT H500i (smart)
MB: MSi X370 RGB
RAM: Trident Z RGB 16GB 2666MHZ
Cooler: Corsair AIO 280mm RGB
Video card : Nvidia GTX 2060
Power supply: 850 W Evga
But i’m worried about pc optimization
could anyone help me?

Can you check here if the specs are really good for gaming purposes?

Wow, you have such a good PC build? How did it cost you? I would like to build something similar. By the way, do you use any tuneup utilities to speed up your system and keep it clean? I wonder if such builds require any boosts.

Thanks for everyone’s sharing. I will briefly share with Techbigs friends how to build a PC on the fmwhatsapp app group.

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Hello guys! Last year, I bought ryzen 3 3200g with ASUS prime A320M-K motherboard. So far, I haven’t get stressed with this build. Do you think it will last for a couple of years?

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