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What is your favourite film?

New month, new thread. Once again the thread can be used to post anything, as long it’s on-topic. Feel free to write your own reviews, share (links to) essays or soundtracks, post your own fanart or link to your favourite fanart by others etc. Or just tell us your answer.

What is your favourite film?

And once again a few extra questions you can answer if you want to:

What is the film about?
Who made it? Did you love more films by them?
Why did you decide to watch it? The people involved? The story? Something else?
What makes this film your favourite?
What is your favourite scene?
Which actor is your favourite in this film?
Which track or song on the OST is your favourite?

My favorite movie is “What dreams may come” from 1998. This is a film about love, not only romantic, about a connection that can overcome any obstacles. The director of this film is Vincent Ward. Honestly, I don’t know any more of his other works.
This movie accidentally caught my eye but almost immediately became my favorite. My liked scene in this movie is the main character’s attempts to settle in a “new place”. I will say this so as not to be a spoiler.
I have watched this movie many times on, and every time I wondered how Robin Williams managed to play such a complex and challenging role.
Unfortunately, I didn’t remember any particular melody, but the sound engineer did a great job there.