What is your Airpush ECPM?

Banner ads: 0,30

Intertial ads: 0,32

This month is very low.

What about you guys?

Just wanted to integrate airpush to 2 apps of mine, no banner ad is available for about 15 minutes, just waiting to see at least one :smiley: And only 1 app on appwall (Germany)

Seems, stats today are delayed :confused:

Yes dashboard is frozen.

What is your airpush ECPM?

I think banners are frozen!

Hey everyone,

We are aware of delayed stats on the dashboard, and we appreciate everyone’s patience while we work to resolve the issue.
PM me if you have any other questions or want to chat.



Hi Nick,
Quick question, is the dashboard delayed today 4-28-2014 also?
My dashboard was fine yesterday but today it looks like it’s delayed but no message on the website.
If you could clarify this it would be great.

Come on Nick! Please fix stats!

Is anyone else besides me having delays or abnormally low results today?
Please chime in everyone.

Banner ads ecpm: $0.30
Smartwall ecpm: $0.40

Fill rate than 10-20%:mad::mad:

Today my reporting delayed

For me, only 4/28 (yesterday) and today 4/29 have been very low. Specifically, 4/28’s earnings and 4/29’s expected earnings are less than 50% of the average of daily earnings from 4/1-4/27

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? Is this just a reporting issue or is it actually lower revenue?

Yes, the airpush fill rate is terrible. I have one game with 10k dailly install and my impressions are decrasing. :frowning:

I’m also noticing a huge drop in fill rate in the past few days. I hope airpush gets some business or raises our payout cpm to make up for the drop, I would hate to have to start using another ad company. Let’s hope things get better quick.

What is the stats of everyone recently? First 3 days of May give me very low revenue :frowning:

also my cpm CPM is low (~$0.09) since may
Before was ~$0.30

banner ads 42 cent ecpm rate
interstitals $1.40 ecpm rate

these are my rates last 30 days and around the same for lifetime as well, not sure why you guys are so low.

Starting from today, the dashboard updated much slower than before. The profit dropped 50%. It is abnormal. This issue never happened before. It used to stop updating dashboard but not update very slowly like today.
Anybody have the same issue?
Nick, please solve this issue.

Yep, dashboard delayed

The last month my ecpm and revenue was just decreasing. But yesterday was terrible, my revenue was 1/4 then normal and my ecpm almost 0 (0,11).
Whats happened with airpush???