What is wrong in monetization business

Hi everybody

i am getting very bad results from admob and startapp

i had low revenue and impressions in last 2 days.

i used to get low revenue from startapp but admob.

admob is very weird my impressions and revenue dropped 30%.

and admob website is saying delay in data always.

this has never happened to me before.

what is wrong in this monetization system?

anybody same?


the point of those networks that they buy out all of your traffic but instead give you low payouts.
Bit more intellectual platforms (for example, ours) have inside algorithm that help us run own mediabuying on your traffic so that we can increase eCPM to quite outstanding number.

You shouldn’t worry for 2 days with a 30% drop, it’s pretty standard and will happen again imo.

So you’re trying to say your network has a better algorithm then a company that does billions a year in revenue and whose parent company has well over 400,000 employees?


I personally don’t try to say anything. What I wanted to say that we implement the algorithm that help us run own mediabuying (made by our team) on your in-app traffic, while those networks just provide fix rate with not always best payouts.

Well I don’t know whats the purpose of this, this thread should be about discussing admob and startapp in the last days, instead you come talking about your company, it’s not just you, but in other threads this happens, and honestly, I don’t think it’s the right way to draw attention, ofcourse you want to make money and I understand that because we all here do, but sometimes it’s nice to see a thread that isn’t hijacked to these conversations.

Sorry for disturbing you. Just outside noticing, as I’ve been mediabuying on StartApp/Admob traffic, so see same situation but from different angle.