What is the optimal polygons number for live wallpaper?

My skill in 3D is too low to evaluate it.

highly technical , i think you should ask this in stack overflow…

When I messed around with it I had 1k vertices (maybe it was higher can’t remember) before fps suffered. There are probably a ton of factors at play though.

I would say the least polygons you possible can and still achieve the desired effect. It depends a lot if your are using an orthographic projection to make 2D stuff, or a illuminated 3D scene. The use of shaders vs fixed pipeline also affects a lot. Users above all value battery efficiency in a live wallpaper, nobody really likes to run out of battery for some eye candy.

You want to say that no one will download 3d livewallpaper? :confused:

Of course people will download it, there are lots of success examples. You just need to make it as efficient as possible, or low ratings will rain down on you.