What is the best strategy with multiple Ad Networks for interstitials


I use Chartboost, AppNext and AdBuddiz for interstitials in my Apps (they are “Four Pics One Word” kind of games). I’ve added AppNext lately and I changed my apps to display randomly from one or the other ad networks. I don’t use (yet) mediation like MoPub or similar.

The interstitials are shown at exit, between levels (after 3 successful puzzles) and when user press a “more apps” button on the main screen.

The results were not bad at first but now, 1 week after the change, I see a serious decrease in my revenue on all networks… Obviously, I split the views between 3 networks instead of the original 2 (Chartboost & AdBuddiz) and I suspect this is the cause of the problem.

Should I stick with 2 ad networks or 1 for interstitials to increase views? Other ideas?


Why do you think that’s a problem? Are you backfilling properly (if network A doesn’t answer the ad request, try B, etc.)?

I think it’s a problem because my eCPM are lower on the 3 networks since I changed my strategy and the number of views are down too. So I’m wondering if more views = higher eCPM? If it is the case, is it a better strategy to select only a few network (1 or 2) to maximise revenues from them?

Revenues are cut by half in 1 week since I published my apps with this modification.

I didn’t backfill at the moment, but I should and see if it helps.

3 is fine if you send at least daily 3000 impressions to each of them

By 3K impressions, do you mean 3K impressions to each networks independetly of the number of apps I have published (total impressions / network)?

Or 3K impressions by app by network (ex: 3 apps = 9K impressions by network)?


yes total 9K impressions in total by all your apps and split them across 3 networks then only you can expect to have some meaningful results from each network. At least that’s what I am doing and have been able to zero down to appnext startapp and admob. mobilecore reports less number of impressions than actual.