What is the best host provider for our api?

Hello guys!

What is the best hosting provider for our api? and what hosting you use for your api?

I have some bad experience with some provider like a iPage.
Four days ago i bought host package for 55$ in iPage. It’s ultra cheap but i got nothing! They said that i get everything unlimited but i can only wordpress to host because php version on the server is 5.3. :mad: When i ask to update php version, they said me “sorry but we don’t have time for that”… People who work in support are not competent, they can’t help me!

I really love this community and i want to warn you! Do not buy iPage hosting!

If you know how to set up things on a VPS server then I recommend Digital Ocean. It’s cheap fast and easy to resize your servers. All my APIs are hosted in DO.

If you want to try them for free then use my ref link to get 2 months Free trial - https://www.digitalocean.com/?refcode=f3647ef0a8c1

How much money you pay for 1 year and what you get for it? I know to setup VPS, before Android a have worked like a web developer :slight_smile:

This looks cool: $ 10 / mo
Most Popular Plan

1 CoreProcessor
30GBSSD Disk

yep… They are cheap… I been using them for almost 2 years…

digitalocean is not exactly newb friendly, but if you get a cpanel or whm installed then you should be fine :slight_smile:

Not for newbies who don’t know how to use Google. :slight_smile: DO will give you 100% control on your server…

I use DO for long time ago. Just a 5$/mon VPS you can host many thing

how many users i can serve with this package?

1 CoreProcessor
20GBSSD Disk

And where are you hosting your api? What is the best, cheapest hosting?

Depends on your application… I use digitaloceanto host my api with around 1M hits daily.

I’m using the specs you mentioned above but I’m doing load balancing method(usig two $5/month droplet) via nginx but if your load is not that high then you are good with that specs…

Very good solution, load balancing with two droplet of 5$. Thx :slight_smile: . I just finished my new application and i’m searching for best solution. Probably i will take one droplet with specs of 5$, and scalable increase. Do you use php framework for api? I plan to use laravel api.

I am also using digital ocean from 2014

all my APIs are created in php

Amazon AWS has a 1-year free tier for most of their services: AWS Free Tier You can host your server on EC2 relatively quickly. If you need help let me know :slight_smile:

yeah… I have multiple free tier accounts lol :smiley:

More free option Azure https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/ have website free option, if your app not huge you can use it.

I’d suggest google app engine.