What is the best adnetwork for eCPM?

Hi guys! Anybody can recommend me an adnetwork? I’ve using adtomatik.com for last two months and I´m very satisfied. What are you looking in eCPM campaigns? Worldwide reach? Brand safe? Highest fill rates?

I use admob and startapp and i got good result of revenue. You can see my revenue proof of startapp below in my sign.

Did you have a look at Avocarrot? You can integrate unobtrusive native ads in your app in less than 15 minutes. Monthly consistent payments with CPM, CPC and CPI campaigns. It’s hard to give you an accurate eCPM figure but we have consistently provided above industry standards eCPMs to our developers.

If you have more questions either check out the Avocarrot FAQ or just ask me here:)

If you want to see examples of how the ads look then you can download our demo app