What is the best Ad network for banner?

Hi, i tried airpush, startapp and admob. Airpush only gives me 1$ for 50k implressions with 0.01-0.02$ eCPM, and startapp is low also… Admob it great! 6-9$ for 24k impressions BUT i get banned! again and Again! That was my 3rd attempt to implement admob but for only 3 days they banned me. They just banned me for no reason. Do using a VPN can cause invalid activity? I’m using Hotspot shield vpn for all of my devices… laptop and mobile :frowning:

*Please suggest me who pays you great for your banner ads.
*And i cannot joined admob anymore. I think they totally banned my credentials. Any other way i can recreate a new admob account?
I’m felling hopeless :frowning: