What is considered good installs/day for a live wallpaper? And how can I boost it?


I made a fairly sophisticated and feature-filled (clock) live wallpaper, and I’ve been averaging roughly 200-400 installs/day.

I noticed several of my competitors, other clock live wallpapers, have over 1M downloads, which they could only have gotten with a far higher amount of installs/day…

Are my install numbers relatively low? or has the lwp market just softened in recent times and my installs are on-par with the average?

Is it even a realistic objective to want 1k+ installs/day (or even more :)!) for such an app?

Thank you!

PS: I have a free and PRO version of the live wallpaper listed in the play store; here is a link to the free version: http://goo.gl/9WPv8J

@DroidGenie is the best person to answer it

I have a live wallpaper too which only has 100 installs /day.

You can check it out here: goo.gl/iFlvA7 [play.google.com]

Did you advertize your app in any way? Because I haven’t.

reality -> How did you get so many downlaod then? You started getting downloads without any marketing?

Strange story. I did some keyword research and just published the wallpaper for fun without thinking about monetizing it some day. Downloads started slowly, I had 1 to 5max installs/day. Then around christmas downloads started increasing to 15, going to 30 in another 2 weeks. Highest DL rate was like 2 weeks ago, when I reached 150/day.

I haven’t done ANY marketing. (Only shared the app with like 5 friends to get some 5* ratings in the first week of publishing).

I haven’t even posted a link to my app on any forum, except in my previous post here, but it is the first time lol

I’m not sure if I will keep the current downloadrate for the next months because I have no long time experience.

Ohh so your apps have been on gogole play for quit a long time compare to mine.

I think I’m too much in a hurry.

After a month, our arcade game isn’t getting much download (like 5-10 a day) and we did a lot of marketing. But our educationnal game is gettign between 50-75 dowloads a day without any effort. But it has been on google for 6 month.

Gotta be patient :wink:

I actually did a little bit of advertising in the beginning. and upon release of a critical update (where I changed the engine from canvas based to openGL es based).

The first wave of advertising was for roughly 2-3$/day for about a month

The second time around, I spent 0-10$/day for about another month (averaging ~5$/day for the period).

I never exceeded what I made in ad revenue in one day, with any sales coming in as pure profit.

I’m tempted to reinvest in a similar ad campaign, but feel it is too risky at the moment, given my average rpm has dipped to an all-time low of $0.35 (from ~$1.00)

PS: I used a CPC based adMob campaign for all my advertising needs.

Hi Werner,
thanks for all the info.

Here’s my graph with the installs/day:

You can clearly see that at some point downloads increased significantly, without having it advertised.

Can you maybe give us a graph like this too?

I’d like to see how your ad campaigns affected your downloadrates.

Also, with your current downloadrate of 400, how much is your revenue at the moment from advertisments?

Would highly appreciate it!

I also seem to have gone through some non-“ad related” jumps in installs/day (October for instance, where I went from 30-40/day to ~200 average (and even all the way up to 570)).

But you can also clearly see a direct correlation between the November ad campaign and November installs/day.

Anyways, I’ll let the graphs do the talking!

Looks good, you can see a corelation between ad and downloads clearly.

Just one more question: How much do you make out of the 400 installs/day?

Once again, I’ll let the graphs do the talking!

from previous post:


I also had ~1250 total installs of the paid version in the same period ($0.99US/per)

Thanks for the graphs!