What is Appwiz Company Information?

Hello, i’m looking for Appwiz Company Information for accounting, i need to know what is the address, city, country and if it has VAT, anyone can help me with this information? i could not find this information on Website and i just know the company name is: Appwiz Development Ltd. But i need more information.


why do u want to know?

For my company accounting, when i receive payment i must register it and put details, all companies like airpush or admob provides this information and is necesary.

You’ll have to contact their support to get this information, most likely. I think they’re on vacation, though. (ridiculous timing if you ask me, since a lot of developers have been integrating new SDKs yesterday and today)

Hello Lockdown,
Sorry if you feel this is ridiculous, but even if we are off, you can ALWAYS e mail us and one of us will reply to you with in few hours…

In any case, we are back in the office Monday, if you need any thing at all, pls e mail us at [email protected]

Have a nice day!


I’ve sent an email, i will wait for answer.