what happens startapp in last times

hi everybody

i am using startapp for 2 years and sometimes it was good but sometimes bad.

but couple of day i am sending messages but no answer.

what the s…t happens to startapp?

earning dropped the half. but tier 1 countries are increasing as users and clicks.

I do not to want to pm anybody from startapp just answer your customer meassages!

is there anybody in the same situation?

thanks in advance.


I experience exactly the same. But last few days are worse than ever. Ie. yesterday my eCPM was … $0.05. And what is even stranger … most of the impressions came from United States :confused:

It seems like high time for changes in my monetization stategy.

Anyone has the same results recently???

Me too. My my eCPM with Startapp now is $0.03!

for me ecpm grow but impressions on their dashboard drop but idk why . When i checked my apps sometimes splash screen didn;t appear. maybe fillrate goes down ?

me tooooooo ;(

Try Appnext! they have their new video SDK which is working awesome for me (60% higher eCPM then the old version ), plus they have a promotion this in the next 1-2 months. Search in this forum or ask @jonathan

Same here, last few days are worse! Yesterdays Interstitial eCPM: $0.28

It’s time for a network-change!

yes…thats really strange on last couple days. the eCpm drop dramatically… what happen ?