What features do you consider when choosing an Ad Network?

Hi all!

There are several well-known players in the mobile ad network industry. I would like to know what are in you opinion the the most important (and ranked) features (performance, coverage, fillrate, eCPM, data, etc…) that you consider when choosing an ad network?

Thanks for your contributions


Masterofpuppets, I recently went through a process of choosing an Ad network. I went with an ad mediation company called Appodeal. They worked well for me because I could signup with them and I was automatically signed up for a ton of other ad networks. On top of that, they will automatically mediate your ads. This way, they will check with all the different ad companies and serve you the ad that give you the most money. Supposedly their fill rate is close to 100% (because you are getting your ads from many ad networks).