What Factors Are Helpful to Get More App Downloads

Over millions of apps are developing in the app marketing, the competition becomes fiercer and fiercer in App Store Optimization at the same time. What factors can be helpful to get more app downloads? Keep on reading and you can get the answer.

  1. Keywords. You can add the right keywords to your title and app description.

  2. Screenshots. To update the screenshots everytime you push a new update.

  3. App Rating and Reviews.

  4. Social Networks.

  5. Press Release and Blogging.

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The first and the most important step which stimulate the growth of organic installs and immediately effect on the ultimate result of promotion campaign is AS0-optimization.
The core lies in search optimization of application keywords for better visibility in search line in Google Play and App Store.

Also for fastest break through to Top charts –buy incentive installs. This means your App will be installed by users which are rewarded for each download – as result you will have a lot of traffic due to intensive dinstallation. There are a lot of services providing ASO and incent traffic, for example, [b]KeenMobi[/b]

Following methods can help get more app downloads.

  1. Do keyword search optimization
  2. Ask the help from your friends and families
  3. Buy positive reviews
  4. Buy high ratings
  5. Advertise for your app
  6. Find some platform to exchange downloads
  7. Promote your app in related forums