What else besides Admob ?


I want to experiment something else than Admob, but I am kinda lost.
I know now that a high eCPM doesn’t all always equal a high ad revenue. But I am still looking for a good mobile ad network. I heard something about “fill rate” but I am a total newbie about it. Is it really important ? What is it exactly ?
And what’s the best ad network that you would recommend and why ?
Thanks :smiley: !

facebook ads is always a good choice

There is no best ads network, it is better you experiment it yourself. Each app behave differently according to audience, geo, ads frequency, app type etc.

I mean, I dont know any other network besides admob :confused:

Facebook Audience Network
And more…

Nothing working better than admob now…FAN ecpm dropped dramatically a lot…

AdMob is very good but FAN ecpm is crazy high for me still. (I’m talking about Interstitial Ads)

You should definitely give Alphagravel a try.
Alphagravel is a United States based company (offices in New York and San Francisco) with the leading simplified revenue optimization platform. We connect to over 20 ad networks, and multiple ad exchanges. One simple SDK integration and let our predictive algorithm do its magic. Plugins are available for Unity, MarMaLade, Cocos 2DX, PhoneGap (Apache Cordova), Adobe Air, Corona.

Let me know if I can help. Skype ID: matt.alphagravel

Matt Brown
Alphagravel Developer Relations
Skype: matt.alphagravel

With both banners and interstitials I am getting from 0.30-0.60$ ecPm max with average of 62% fill rate…admob is working like never before with the new upgrade of my apps to latest paly services…are you using FAN with eclipse or Android studio…

I’m using AS. I have waterfall at App launch of FAN-AdMob-MoPub-AppNext and FAN eCPM is higher than everything else. AdMob is very good too. MoPub is decent and AppNext is low but just for backfill.

My FAN also dropped a lot recently, I was getting $1.3 - $1.5 last month, but this month I only get $0.5 - $0.7 :frowning: . Don’t know what happened. I expected it to be high during the shopping season.

I bet you have all trafic from midle east because other zones are not affected by ecpm drop in my case

I have users from both tier -1 and tier -2 countries…

Unfortunately, monetization isn’t a one-size fits all type of product. What works for one developer may not work for another. I’ve had conversations with developers with similar apps and one would say they monetize well with Chartboost and poorly with Unity, and the other monetizes well with Unity and poorly with Chartboost. Each network values ad inventory differently and they allocate their ad campaigns differently as well.

I’d reiterate what some of the others have said - test a few and see what works best for you. I’d suggest using a platform that is connected to the entire marketplace of demand and easily allows you to A/B test multiple demand partners without having to integrate multiple SDKs or plugins.

I’d be happy to share more with you. Add me on Skype: garethleeatwork

Did you get the boot or something? I guess I’m just curious about what you’re looking for hat admob isn’t giving you? As far as other ad networks, it depends on a ton of factors, including the type of app you have and the target audience or market. What I’m saying is that there isn’t really an easy answer, but admob is always an easy choice.

Have a look at Appjoy.org - it lists the best ad monetization platforms recommended by App Developers:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hello NokiaDev,
finally these days I’m approaching 250$ a day. It is a dream come true for me and I must thank you for the inspiration. Talking about ads, I use only FAN currently with native ads. I have one of my apps with 95% of users from India, Pakistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia. I saw a decrease in ecpm that in 1 month went from 1.7$ to barely 1$. Now is slightly higher (around 1.1-1.2$) these days. For other countries I can see some crazy ecpm (normally 10-18$ for tier 1 countries) and I must say I’m really happy with FAN. It looks like it’s getting better every day with them and I think in 1-2 weeks I’ll approach 300$ a day for sure. Tomorrow I’ll start implementing a back fill ads and since I’m afraid to use Admob, I’m thinking about appnext

It’s always great to hear such success…i am happy for you…In terms of ads for my new developer account I am just using Heyzap with FAn and Admob…for some reason admob is working a lot better than FAN…it’s time I need to add more ad Networks.

Once again congratulations for your 250$ achievement and I hope you get more success in future …:slight_smile:

I see the same for FAN. Very bad performance these days. Last year the revenue was much higher.

@NokiaDev and others using FAN: I’m curious if you see the same issue in the FAN dashboard. When I drill down by country, I see a country with the name ‘Not enough data’ which holds a lot of the revenue.
There are funny numbers for this “country” like a fill rate f 165% and other strange things. I already contacted Facebook about that several weeks ago, but they didn’t fix it.
Does anybody else see the same?
I have a feeling that this might be related to the bad performance.
For me this is very bad since I use the eCPM numbers for the Admob mediation dashboard. Since weeks I can’t trust the numbers in the FAN dashboard which also affects my revenue in a bad way.

There are a lot of advertising possibilities. Here is an (incomplete) list: I have an idea about Admob I’m writing this post so that it might be useful for u in some way

Google’s AdMob, by far the most used ad platform, easy to integrate into your apps, supports house ads, good analytics, but pays less than others. There have also beenreports on accounts being closed for no good reason. Here is a (slightly outdated) post with comments on Admob and Adsense.

Google’s AdWhirl, supports multiple ad networks, but difficult to setup with poor documentation.A review
MobClix, 2nd in popularity after AdMob, easy to integrate, multiple ad networks, pays more than AdMob but has high payment threshold before it will pay out, reportedly pays with 3 months delay. A comparison of MobClix versus AdMob
MobFox, targets high revenue ads in US and Europe, allows you to control the minimum ad-click price.Here’s an extensive review andsome SO users comments