What do you think of Leo Privacy Guard's new release?

Leo Privacy Guard has recently released a new version that offers more flexibility and several new features.

I haven’t found any bugs but I also haven’t used it for long.

For all you LPG users out there have you downloaded the upgrade yet?

If so, do you think it’s superior to the old version?

Looking forward to hearing your answers!


amazing privacy dude

How long have you been using Leo Privacy Guard?

Do you agree that the new release is a definite improvement from the older versions?

I’m loving the upgrade myself.

I have awesome experience with Leo Privacy Guard :).

Leo Privacy Guard application is great app cause of possessing the ability to lock apps, hide any folders including photos, calls, contacts, apps, etc. , if the phone has been stolen keep the phone tracked , and when anybody else other than you take a selfie feature that snaps a photo when it detects a security breech , so i think Leo Privacy Guard app is great for security.