What are the safest Networks to use?

I wanna make sure 100% that my app isn’t suspended because of the ad network.

I read here somewhere that some apps are being suspended because of using Airpush, TapContext etc.

What ad networks never get suspended from Google, Inmobi? Startapp?

I need to play it safe because I’m investing some big money on developing my apps.

apart from making sure ad networks dont get ur app suspensed ,
check the reliability of adnetworks
Its a scam season going on and what i read from forums tapcontext ,inmobi ,leadbolt dont pay developers(suspended your accounts without clarification)

Now a days safe networks are Admob,Mobilecore,Appnext,Startapp

I would add Mobvista (referral) to this list.

Hi abuabed84. I think it’s really sad that apps get banned by Google for the wrong reasons.

You can safely use Avocarrot on Google Play apps. I personally wrote most of the code for the Android SDK so I can guarantee that:)

Appnext has yet to cause any app to be banned… And we are a self funded company, not a standard start up. So, no problem with payments, and no risk for us to suddenly close (like eskimob, for example).

From my experience, Admob, Appnext and Appbrain is 100% policy compliant and they pay on time.

Admob, Amazon, Facebook (anyone tried it? is it available?), theoretically Twitter (although MoPub Marketplace used to show adult ads if you weren’t careful with filtering them). AppBrain - almost probably but there are some (small though, not a single person was banned) concerns over the lack of close button and instead using YES/NO question.

I use Admob and AppBrain primarily. I haven’t had any problems with them (Admob obviously b/c they’re google’s). I’m experimenting with AppNext.