What are the best tactics you have followed to promote your app

What are the best tactics you have followed to promote your app

App Store Optimization becomes more and more popular for people. While a new tool push can drive excitement around your app downloads, the effects are far from last. Then we have some good tips to an effective App Promotion Strategies, which is very powerful to all of us.

Get High Ratings and Positive Reviews
There are 2 ways to get reviews of your application. One is to publish the application on some review sites, then you can leave a comment and ask someone to leave. But this approach can only make the application popular on the site. Comments will not appear in the App Store beneath your app.
Another way is to get app reviews in the store. The user will install the app, then play it and keep 4/5-star rating and positive reviews. Using this approach, the application will drive more potential users as the application ranks higher.

  1. Keyword Optimization

One of the most basic ways to promote your app is to rank higher in the App Store search results. For new App Promotion Strategies, potential users will like to install the application in the top 10. When the user tries to enter the word he needs, he will see a lot of suggestions in the search bar.

Online App Promotion Strategy

Once you’ve created a landing page for your app, you’ll need to implement some online app promotion strategies to promote your app online and get more people to know your App. You can also use some of the methods below to promote your site.

Social Media Network

Setting up a Facebook page for your application is a must and you can ask them what they like about your application design and functionality, as well as get any feedback. In addition, you can share any messages about your application and so on. However, remember not to let your posts only be your application, though. This is boring. Link your blog/page to your Google+ account, even if it’s just a great image in search results. Other social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are also useful.

Cross Promotion

This will have a tremendous impact on app promotion. If you’re serious about building apps with similar target audiences, you’ll have a great opportunity to cross-promote across app sites and social media. However, if you have only one application, you can contact the app partner with another developer. You can swap app installs and comments with each other.

Well, the methods mention above are very effective, but these are the part of app promotion. In addition, you can promote your app from following tips:

  1. Cooperating with some famous people
  2. Analyze your competitors, including their keywords, features and functions
  3. Advertising on other social media platforms
  4. Upload your app on other review sites
  5. Write some articles and posts to popularize your app
  6. Cooperate with other app promotion companies

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The main principle of effective promotion is decent time and money contribution.

The Store visibility is still being in priority as the apps’ number increase every day so you do need the tool which let your app be in Top charts and be fundable by Store users.

One of such tool is app incent installs (so called motivated installs). Having these installs you rise your Store position, become in sight of Store users and can analyze the reflexing of users regarding your app.:cool:

[b]App installs [/b]are that marketing tool which in short time increase your position, make it easy found in search result page and cover the auditory which even could not be touched via other digital channels.

One of the main advantages of app installs is that realized in sort time, provide high velocity and have powerful influence on Store ranking algorithm. [b]KeenMobi[/b] company is that provider which bring you incent traffic to make the best result and improves your Store position.

There are different packages for different budgets and you will have opportunity to be closer your users.

App promotion is not about procrastination - you need action and do not waste your time in order to get your clients right now, GET A MOVE ON!!!:o

I act on the tactics of Lydiatopromoteapp

Online App Promotion Strategy

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The Google Play criteria are quite unknown and there is no unique method to bring it to the front. If you want non paid marketing promotions here are some ideas from my side-

[li]Social Media Optimization(SMO), I mean ask your friends to review and ask your friends to tell their friends.
[/li][li]Write posts and blog it in blogging sites.
[/li][li]There are 1000s sites which include Review Sites, Forum etc… If you upload your game in all these websites you can improve by our ranking position. Keep an eye on the Top Free and Top New Free of your category.
[/li][li]Forum Uploads (but don’t put the link in forums it might create an irritation to the users)
[/li][li]Don’t pay for reviewing your app in Google Play it might result in suspension of the account (Google Play Developer Policy)
[/li][li]App Videos, make a youtube channel and promote with this video and make screenshot.

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There is a very useful online course at AppGrowthLab.com :slight_smile:

The most efficient tactics are those which are oriented at app visibility in Store and the app recognition in the digital area.

The app visibility in Google Play is depended on 3 components:
app installs
[/i] (the number and their velocity make the majority of traffic and rise your app higher than it was previously)

reviews(positive comments and high rating are important for building image and status; they convince user to download your app and do not hesitate that it’s worth their time; besides, having positive app reviews and high ratings allow you to have the lower amount of installs, but keep the highest ranking)

ASO (the crucial tactic that need to be realized for achieving the highest result. It helps your app be discoverable via keywords in search result page of Store and be in top list of keyword ranking. The ASO is accompanied by keyword installs in order to enhance chances to be suggested for your user when he/she performs the request.

Mopeak can provide promotion service which meet all client’s expectation and help your app to stand out the other ones.

The general digital recognition of app is resulting in PR activity, active social network presence and blogging.

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There are many ways of app promotion, but not all of them bring expected results. I’d recommend to draw attention to these:

  • ASO optimisation (make sure your app profile has a clear description, bright and laconic logic, real users’ reviews). There are tons of other app stores except Apple App Store and Google Market. Go through this list, especially, if you are going to promote your app in Asia, and choose the best suited stores.
  • Make a website or landing page before the app launch.
  • Highlight all stages of app launching through social media, forward users to your LP or website and pique an interest in your product.
  • Make a short 30-sec video and place it on your website, YouTube channel, social media or advertise it through other related supply sources.
  • Set up a hyper-targeted ad campaign and get new users and purchases on board (minimum efforst and MAX performance).

Feel free to drop me a line or get your personal account [b]here[/b] and our team will suggest an efficient promotion strategy specifically for your app.
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