what are safest Ad Networks for G.Play ?

need to ask experienced people here about the safest ad networks that can be used with “zoogle slay” :slight_smile: beside admob of course

You can try millennial media or appbrain

if you want to be super paranoid use revmob they only require 1 permission and ads do not collect info. but ecpm rate sucks at 80 cent ecpm

Appnext uses some permission but we are 100% safe. We haven’t banned any app till this day.
Having said that, I bet most of the networks today do their very best to be Google compliant. Google took a more serious approach towards networks on August 2013, and most (but not all) of the networks understand that now.

are you guys bringing banners ad type?

Yes, the only question is when :frowning:

I wish It happened today, but it will probably take another month to get it done.

I think startapp is stable and safe …

not there searchbox sdk and that is why they kept it as separate jar file.

well yea maybe … but im using it and its working fine … tho on a very low rate …

search box is safe use it on 4 android accounts and had them accounts up for 5 months now and not a single app removed.

no issues with search box for me either, seems like google is letting this obviously not 100% compliant unit slide for now

startapp, appnext, inmobi,…

Check this one, not very stable but looks good. (Mobvista - Publish SignUp)
Startapp also looks wonderful.(StartApp - Developer Register)

@tuannguyen is that stats using MobVista?Btw which country you get traffic from?

Most of the traffic are from tier-2 and tier-3 countries.

@tuannguyen Oh i see.

picking a compliant ad network can be very frustrating at times. i just had my entire developer account killed off due to the old non compliant startapp system. I tried out notification ads in a few apps to see how they worked and if they did well. When google changed their policy i removed it. Unfortunately what i think happened was an old version still out somewhere with notifications (but not available for download on google play) got reported to google and last friday my account got killed. I am appealing my account termination, but we all know how google is. I doubt i will get it back.

Just sucks that a version literally 2 back and not available since last year caused this. It could also have been the way the exit ads can pop back up when you turn the phone back on if the exit doesn’t complete properly on some phones. This could happen on about 10 of my apps. Cant be totally sure until i hear back from google…

So keep this in mind when selecting a network. If the network even seems slightly fishy and could cause you problems later on don’t use it. Keep back to the tried and true totally in app networks.

So what’s the mail you got from Google? What’s the reason?

Hi all, widdit and leadbolt are safe for GP?

To me, StartApp and Appnext rock!