What are Methods you have followed to increase the downloads of your app in app store

What are Methods you have followed to increase the downloads of your app in app store?

Hello friends, to increase the downloads of your app, you should make your app a good one first and then make more people know your app. You should do app promotion for your app. If you create a good app, but you do not promote it, less people know about it and certainly less people will download it. If you do not know how to do app promotion, you can do as the following shows.

App Store Optimization
Choosing a right app name - Keep your app name short and attractive, easy to spell, and memorable. Try your best to choose a app title that reflects what your app. Users should not scroll past your app when looking for something to fit their needs.

Creating an Eye-catching Icon - App icon is the first thing people sees in the app store, so it is very important to choose an eye-catching one. As users scroll through the app store, yours should pop out as eye-catching and recognizable. You should also keep the app icon as straightforward as possible, and not too flashy. People usually not like the gaudy one.

Get more high App Ratings - If your app get 4/5 star ratings, there is a great chance that people will click your app to know more details. What’s more, 94% users would like to download those 4-5 rating apps, which can also increase the download rates efficiently. This point was approved by many app developers. App ratings not only can help increase app downloads, but also can help boost app store ranking. For getting more app ratings, you can invite your users, friends and families to rate your app. But according to the marketing research, the most useful method to get more high app rating is[b] buy app ratings [/b]from third parties, which is much more convenient.

Using Eye-Catching Screenshots and Videos - Beautiful or cool screenshots absolutely attract more users to download the app, so make some well-designed screenshots.

Making a video may be difficult but it can increase install rates by more than 23%. Developers should use the first 5 seconds to grab the viewer’s attention and focus on the best features, instead of all features.

Writing a good App Description - when a user consider if download this app or not, they will have a look at the description of you app, so make the description with an attractive copywriting. Most people can only see the top two or three lines of description. Therefore, the first 3 lines description should reflect the target users’ needs, and fully explain the features of your app.

Promotion your app in related forums

There are many forums on the internet. Find the forums which you can promote your app in there. You can ask help from people to download your app and give you some advice to improve your app.

Buy app downloads
More app downloads your app get, higher ranking it have in the app store. You can see it when you search for downloading an app in the app store. The first few are have many downloads. So get more app downloads at first can make more people know your app. Buy app downloads from reliable company is the best way to achieve this goal in a short time. They can provide real users downloads.

Get your app featured in an official blog
Maybe you just publish your app on your website, in addition, you can include it in your official blog to attract more users to install it. For example, you can write a story about your app and let the users know the purpose and background of your app. Show them your app’s function and more details, like app links, screenshots, and videos to help them understand your app carefully.

Above are some app promotion methods can help your app get more downloads. You should try your best to do app promotion. Hope my answer can help you, thanks for your reading~

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