What ad network would suit this app?

So my app will promote 1 or a few free apps/games every day. What app network would do strictly CPI and would best suit me. I need interstitials or banner ads that can be resized to my desire. It would be nice if there was an app wall or interstitial that could be embedded and not have an x button.

The best thing for me would be to pick and chose what apps/games I want to promote but I’ve never found a network that offers that. This app promotes other apps so the conversion rates could be %80 or higher. What network would I be able to use the best with my app?

A similar question is asked by someone , I would suggest u the same ! Try [b]MOBVISTA[/b] , its interstitials offers 10$ eCPM . i recently joined mobvista and in the beginning i started with 100-200 click in which i had 3-4 installs , each install gave me 0.3$ - 0.5$ per install which is very good .

so if u have ,
10,000 impressions -> 2000 clicks -> 100 installs -> (0.3 - 0.5)$ * 100 = 30-50$/day
100,000 impressions -> 20,000 clicks -> 1000 installs -> (0.3 - 0.5)$ * 1000 = 300-500$/day
1,000,000 impressions -> 400000 clicks -> 10,000 installs -> (0.3 - 0.5)$ * 10,000 = 3000-5000$/day
(above values are approx) values may be more or less !

Their full screen ads and interstitials are very high quality and attract user attention . you may want to place these ads on exit .mobvista also has great banner ads which refresh every 20 secs , so u get many impressions and various ads . They have very fast response for support . i prefer mobvista for its quality and High revenue . if u want u can join my link for Mobvista here


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You didn’t answer my question at all.

see this company: ClicksMob | ClicksMob
They have CPI
i use them they are good