Weird request for stickers from customers - same text - whats going on here?

Hi all,

alright this is a weird question but I hope someone can shed some light onto this or has a vague idea. Working in marketing for a small, B2C brand in the motorcycle market.

We sometimes get requests for stickers, thats great, happy to send them out. I always suspected that a lot of these requests just come from sell my phone some weird sticker collection people that trade them or whatever is their deal. Often texts are not written to target or even mention the brand and I expect a lot of copy/paste or BCC to numerous brands. Hey ho, if they want a sticker thats fine with me.

Now it is just getting a bit weird and creepy - got 2 requests in the same day, same time from 2 different people with the exact same text. They just want some stickers and goodies and the adress they both gave is not the same, but in the same village in France, just 2 or 3 streets apart.

Has someone else had something like this? Or can someone shed light on the sticker mafia and the value of 1ct stickers on the black market? I am stumped. :smiley: